Electronic Signature Conformity Evaluation - Pricing

Pricing Table

  Service Price
1. E-Prescription Applications 2.407,20 TL (2.040 TL + Taxes)
2. E-Invoice Applications 6.726,00 TL (5.700,0 TL + Taxes)
3. Central Database Service Provider 12.036,00 TL (10.200 TL + Taxes)
  Stay and Transportation Price (One Day)
1. Outside Kocaeli 1.770,00 TL (1.500 TL + Taxes)

Research and Development Areas

Test Automation
In accordance with the requirements of the software, automation is applied as a regular activity
Big Data
Validation and Verification of big data systems is a subject that is researched in YTKDL
Static Code Analysis
For an innovative approach to the static code analysis, techniques and tools of operation is a subject of research in YTKDL
Simulation Testing
Recent research activities are carried out for the validation and verification of the simulation systems.